"... a reliable cleaning partner that understands your operations and cares for your premises is crucial to the smooth-running of your business ..." We understand your requirements ...

Corporate environments should be a productive space that is maintained well to promote staff welfare, team work and productivity

Our Values

Provide excellent customer service

we provide dedicated support team members to every client, this ensures that there is always a friendly adviser
on hand who
understands your business 

Look after the cornerstone of QC Experts

we believe that if we train,
motivate and care for our staff, in turn they will go above
and beyond in caring
for our clients 

Minimise our impact on the environment

we consider ‘what we do’ and ‘how we do it’ measuring the impact of our service delivery, making decisions and choices that reflect our environmental goals

Innovate without impacting quality

along with new technology we encourage our staff to think outside the box, a different perspective or fresh approach can improve quality and efficiency

Build long-term partnerships

we view this as an important investment allowing us to anticipate your requirements, and offer innovative, cost effective, long term solutions to add value and improve service delivery

" ... working in a clean and hygienic environment can improve the motivation and effectiveness of your workforce and help prevent the spread of bacteria ... "

Visitors to your business will be judging your brand and image on what they see, therefore the need for high standards cannot be underestimated.

QC Experts Commercial Cleaning recognize the importance of promoting a smart, hygienic and tidy workplace.  Clients welcome their own visitors to their premises, and therefore we play a critical part in helping them to create the right impression of their brand and business.

It’s our job to make sure your premises reflect your business and having a professional cleaning programme will help. As employers, a clean and hygienic working environment improves your staff morale and productivity along with reducing absenteeism through sickness

Whatever field you are in we have the necessary experience and processes to ensure that we do not compromise your business activities and that the security and confidentiality of your premises and your business activities are top of our priorities.

All our cleaning operatives will be fully vetted to current legislation and will wear a uniform and a security badge at all times whilst on site, to ensure they are easily identifiable as a member of the cleaning team. All staff can be trained to your own Security and Confidentiality procedures and where additional security is required we can arrange for full background and security clearance as part of our service.

A reliable cleaning partner that understands your operations and cares for your premises is crucial to the smooth-running of your business. You want your staff to be focusing their tasks – not spending time and yours reporting or dealing with cleaning issues.

Missions Statement:

We are one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Edmonton and surrounding areas, since 2007.  Specializing in evaluating and delivering personalized, cost effective cleaning solutions to property managers, facility managers, building owners, housekeeping directors and construction managers.

Our success has been built upon our Mission Statement:
“To provide janitorial services that exceed our clients expectations in price, quality and performance."


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Our mission is to provide janitorial services that exceed our clients expectations in price, quality and performance.

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